Following the Pool Draw this morning (13 August 2022), we have now finalised the Carnival GROUPS and DRAW.
It is important for all team captains to study the draw and check your first match time particularly. Some matches kick off early (8:00am). Also, please remember that we will require all players to be paid with player forms completed at least 15 minutes prior to the first match, and this is the responsibility of the captain/manager. Please ensure you allow time for this on the day. It will be a busy day, with matches kicking off from 8:00am sharp, and all games will commence on time due to the jam-packed fixture list.
Also, all clubs that have two (2) teams, will need a list of which players are playing on which team, and this must also be provided prior to your first match. Players can only play for one team throughout the day.
The ADC Rules and Format document can be found on the Downloads page. This is an important document, as it provides a lot of information on the format and timing of the day, the specific rules for the Carnival, and how the points / match system will work.
We have a great lineup of food / coffee suppliers, and the Optus Football truck, so don’t forget to invite your family and friends, and set up a gazebo to soak up the atmosphere of the day.

ADC Pool Draw Tomorrow!

We are now just over 2 weeks away from the TCF All Day Carnival on 27 August 2022! Excitement is building and the Carnival is coming together really nicely.
Now that we have all the team nominations in for the Carnival, we can start looking ahead to the Carnival Day itself. A special welcome to all those new and returning teams. It is great to have you all on board!
Firstly, a friendly reminder that the Pool Draw will be held tomorrow (Saturday 13 August 2022), at 10:45am at Kearneys Spring. A Draft Draw and Groups are attached, which will help all teams understand the general format of the Carnival. This Draw will be updated and finalised this Sunday 14 August 2022, following the Pool Draw. This year we have a total of 12 teams, and will have 3 Pools / Groups, each with 4 teams each! This means that each team will have a minimum of 3 group matches throughout the day, and a minimum of 1 finals match for each team.
Please note, that if weather is not suitable for holding the Pool Draw at Kearneys Spring, the Pool Draw will be held at McDonalds South (Ruthven Street), at the same time (10:45am) tomorrow. A decision on this will be made by 9am tomorrow (Saturday and posted on the TCF Facebook Page.

ADC #2 Update

We are now less than 3 weeks away from the TCF All Day Carnival! Excitement is building and the Carnival is coming together really nicely.

The TCF 2022 All Day Carnival is fast approaching – to be held on 27 August 2022 at CAPTAIN COOK OVALS (corner McGregor Street and Tomkinson Street). 

A massive thanks to every team who has indicated their interest for the day. This promises to be a great day and we are so pleased to have you on board! We currently have 11 TEAMS Registered.

There is now only 5 days left to register a team, and we are really keen to lock in all teams as soon as possible.

5 days left to register a team for the TCF 2022 All Day Carnival – Don’t Miss Out – REGISTER NOW!

We have a great lineup of food / coffee suppliers (thanks to 2nd Shot and Wilsonton Lions Club), and the Optus Football truck will be returning! Thanks for all your support. So don’t forget to invite your family and friends, and set up a gazebo to soak up the atmosphere of the day.

Don’t miss the Pool Draw this Saturday, live at Kearneys Spring. I will then send out the final ADC Draw and TCF ADC Rules and Guidelines document next Sunday.

Just to remind you all of a few key upcoming dates:

12 August 2022Final Date for Team Nominations for ADC
Release of DRAFT ADC Draw
13 August 2022ADC Pool Draw – 10:45am
(between the 9am and 11am TCF Matches)
14 August 2022
Release of Carnival Rules and Format for ADC
14 August 2022Release of Carnival Draw
21 August 2022Final Information Email to all Registered ADC Teams (as required)
27 August 2022TCF 2022 All Day Carnival #2

ADC #2

With the 2022 TCF Season well underway, and to maximise football for everyone, we have decided to hold a second All Day Carnival for 2022. So please note that our second TCF ALL DAY CARNIVAL will be held on Saturday 27 AUGUST 2022.

We look forward to working with you all to try and get as many teams as possible involved in what promises to be a great day of football.
The format for this Carnival will be largely the same as earlier this year, with a number of pool games, followed by finals matches stretching through the entire day. Matches will be 20 minutes in duration, with multiple matches for each team throughout the day, played on smaller fields with some altered rules to make the games enjoyable. We will send out Carnival Rules and a Draw closer to the day.

We will be organising a coffee and food van for the day also, so I really encourage all teams to set up a gazebo, settle in for the day and enjoy what the day has to offer.

The TCF ALL DAY CARNIVAL will be held on Saturday 27 AUGUST 2022, at the Captain Cook Ovals. This Carnival is only five (5) weeks away!
We are welcoming all teams, current, past and new, to join in on the fun. There is a small fee for any teams or players who are not playing in the full TCF Season, and we can pass on more info for any interested teams. For any team or individual currently playing in the TCF 2022 Season, the All Day Carnival is FREE.

For now, it would greatly assist if you could advise whether you will be registering one (1), two (2) or more teams.
This promises to be a great day of community celebration as we come together to kick a football.
Please feel free to spread the word so we can get as many teams as possible registered for the day! If you know of any other football teams or community groups who may be interested, please let us know!

A quick snapshot of the proposed deadlines in the lead up to the Carnival:

12 August 2022Final Date for Team Nominations for ADC
13 August 2022ADC Pool Draw – 10:45am at Kearneys Spring
14 August 2022
Release of Carnival Rules and Format for ADC
14 August 2022Release of Carnival Draw
21 August 2022Final Information Email to all Registered ADC Teams (as required)
27 August 2022TCF 2022 All Day Carnival #2

TCF Rep Side for the CFFA National Titles

Here it is, the list of the guys who’ll be joining to form the first Toowoomba Community Football Representative Side. Formed from both current and past teams, these guys will be competing against teams from all over the country as well as New Zealand. There will be training and team bonding so that we’re ready to showcase who we are and how well we can play football. Congratulations to all!

National Titles – We’re Going!

Yes, you read that right! TCF are putting in a team to go to the CFFA National Titles. There will be teams there from every state, as well as across the ditch from New Zealand.

But in order to compete, we need a team. Any registered TCF player is eligible to nominate. As this is a TCF Team, we want every team represented, ideally at least 2 from each team in the regular season. Teams that competed in the ADC are also eligible to nominate players.

Here’s what you need to know:
Dates: 30 September – 3 October (the long weekend)
Where: Palmview (near Sippy Downs / Caloundra)
Cost to Players: Travel, Accommodation, Food
TCF will pay entry fees for every player
Size of Team allowed: 16

We have the kit, we know our football, let’s show the rest of the country who we are and what we can do! Nominations are now open.

2022 Season Draw

Next Saturday is Round 1 of the 2022 season. The Draw can be found here:

As there are only 6 teams this year, a number of Byes have been included to account for any injuries and to allow players time to arrange personal things without worrying that they’ll be missing football.

All teams need to have a list of their players with their jersey numbers to the Coordinator BEFORE Saturday.

All players MUST have completed their Player Registration Form (link in the menu) and have paid their Fee BEFORE they can play in any game.

Looking forward to a great season! See you there.

The 2022 ADC

And that’s a wrap for the Toowoomba Community Football All Day Carnival for 2022!!!

This year’s Carnival was held on Saturday 2 April 2022 at Captain Cook Ovals. Toowoomba turned on a lovely autumn day, with the sun shining and clear blue skies, welcoming 10 teams all competing to become TCF 2022 All Day Carnival Champions.

The competition was fierce, the atmosphere was social and jovial, and there was an undeniable buzz around the ground. The essence of the day was captured by Bek who we are grateful for taking on the duty of Carnival photographer again – thanks Bek. With thanks to our food / drink suppliers, 2nd Shot and Wilsonton Lions Club, all players and spectators were kept well fed and caffeinated throughout the day. Almost all teams made the most of the glorious weather and took the opportunity to set themselves up and settle in for the day, soaking up the atmosphere. The weather was also kind enough to allow families and kids to come out and enjoy the day, and thanks to Paul from Raiders, the kids were able to enjoy kicking a football in the little kids pitch that was set up on the ground.

A special thanks must also go to Optus Darling Downs for supporting our Carnival again this year. Optus are a great supporter of regional football and it was great to have them along. The bright yellow Optus balloons were a hit with the kids, as was the FIFA and gift bags handed out through the day.

And, there was of course some football played! What a great, competitive day of footballing action it was. Kicking off at 8:30am, and the final match finishing at 2:30pm, it was a jam-packed day with a total of 25 matches played (which our 5 wonderful referees were kept busy running between all day – thanks guys!). There were over 50 goals scored, just as many great saves, and more than 100 players taking part, representing many church groups, community groups and ethnic groups across our Toowoomba community.

The finals were hotly contested, with 2 out of the 5 finals matches requiring extra time, and one even needing a penalty shootout to split the teams. Just goes to show how tight these matches were and how hard each team fought for the win. After 24 matches, it came down to All Nations and Champions progressing to the Grand Final. With many teams hanging around to enjoy the afternoon and watch the Grand Final, as well as many other spectators cheering both teams on, the spirit of the Carnival really shone through as both teams battled for the title of TCF 2022 All Day Carnival Champions. After a tense and hard fought 20 minutes and plenty of chances for both teams, Champions took their opportunities and ran out 1-0 winners.
Congratulations to Champions who were crowned as TCF 2022 All Day Carnival Champions, and also to All Nations and every other team for competing in what was a fun filled, spirit filled day of 7-a-side football.
A final special thanks to all our wonderful supporters – Optus Darling Downs, 2nd Shot and Wilsonton Lions Club. We are so pleased to have you all on board to help us celebrate the awesomeness of community football in Toowoomba.

But most importantly, thanks to you – the players, the referees, the spectators, the families, the TCF family – for making this a day to remember!
Until next year.