Incident in Round 10

During Saturday’s game between Earrings and Al Azzawy a violent incident occurred involving players and spectators of both teams.

Toowoomba Community Football strives for a safe and fun environment for all people to play and watch football and much consideration has gone into determining how to respond.

After a meeting between the TCF Leadership and representatives of Earrings and Al Azzawy, the following terms have been implemented:

  • The two teams will not be competing in the All Day Carnival
  • The two teams will be excluded from the normal competition until 31st July
  • The two teams will be stripped of all points and not play for competition points for the remainder of the season, instead simply for the love of the game
  • The two teams will be on a probationary period for the remainder of the season to determine their eligibility for the 2022 season

Both Al Azzawy and Earrings have expressed their apologies to Toowoomba Community Football as well as their understanding that this behaviour is not acceptable and cannot ever happen again.

We look forward to welcoming both teams back onto the field in Round 16.

An amended Draw for the affected time as well as how this will impact the other teams will be released later this afternoon.