Special Meeting This Saturday

Hope you are well and have had a good break since the All Day Carnival.

This week sees the return of fixtures after the last 2 Saturdays having the fields closed by the Toowoomba Regional Council due to wet weather.

While the first game is scheduled for 11am, I would like to hold a short meeting at 10am at the Field, 17 July for all Captains, Managers and all interested players in relation to:-

Prior to the All Day Carnival, I was contacted by a representative of Christian Football Federation Association to invite us to put in a TCF Representative Team into their National Seniors Tournament. This will be held on the long weekend (Friday to Monday excluding the Sunday) 1-4 October on the Sunshine Coast. I have tentatively said that we would be interested in this and have made some steps towards us attending.

The meeting this Saturday will be to discuss this exciting opportunity and what it entails for us. I encourage everyone to come along to the meeting to find out about this opportunity.