CFFA National Titles Update

I received an email from the CFFA in relation to the National Titles in response to the current COVID situation, especially in NSW and VIC.

Due to the uncertainty of travel, most teams have had to pull out, leaving only the QLD-based teams ready and able to play. Adding in the consideration that the QLD State Titles which has already been pushed back multiple times is likely to take place around the same time, the decision has been made to cancel the National Titles this year.

This is extremely disappointing, however understandable news. I know that many were already looking forward to TCF going and some had even put their names forward for consideration for the TCF Rep Team.

This is not the end, though. Conversations between the CFFA President, Vice-President, others and the TCF Coordinator are scheduled to happen very soon to ensure that our participation in future events will occur.