National Titles – We’re Going!

Yes, you read that right! TCF are putting in a team to go to the CFFA National Titles. There will be teams there from every state, as well as across the ditch from New Zealand.

But in order to compete, we need a team. Any registered TCF player is eligible to nominate. As this is a TCF Team, we want every team represented, ideally at least 2 from each team in the regular season. Teams that competed in the ADC are also eligible to nominate players.

Here’s what you need to know:
Dates: 30 September – 3 October (the long weekend)
Where: Palmview (near Sippy Downs / Caloundra)
Cost to Players: Travel, Accommodation, Food
TCF will pay entry fees for every player
Size of Team allowed: 16

We have the kit, we know our football, let’s show the rest of the country who we are and what we can do! Nominations are now open.