Season Celebration

All Invited!

This is a chance for all teams and players to get together and spend some time off (and on) the field together.

Free BBQ from 12:30

Come earlier to watch Wolves and Raiders battle it out for 4th spot on the Table. Kick off at 11am

Stay after and join in the Combined Team playing Humeridge in a friendly. Kick off at 1:30

See you all there!

CFFA National Titles Update

I received an email from the CFFA in relation to the National Titles in response to the current COVID situation, especially in NSW and VIC.

Due to the uncertainty of travel, most teams have had to pull out, leaving only the QLD-based teams ready and able to play. Adding in the consideration that the QLD State Titles which has already been pushed back multiple times is likely to take place around the same time, the decision has been made to cancel the National Titles this year.

This is extremely disappointing, however understandable news. I know that many were already looking forward to TCF going and some had even put their names forward for consideration for the TCF Rep Team.

This is not the end, though. Conversations between the CFFA President, Vice-President, others and the TCF Coordinator are scheduled to happen very soon to ensure that our participation in future events will occur.

Special Meeting This Saturday

Hope you are well and have had a good break since the All Day Carnival.

This week sees the return of fixtures after the last 2 Saturdays having the fields closed by the Toowoomba Regional Council due to wet weather.

While the first game is scheduled for 11am, I would like to hold a short meeting at 10am at the Field, 17 July for all Captains, Managers and all interested players in relation to:-

Prior to the All Day Carnival, I was contacted by a representative of Christian Football Federation Association to invite us to put in a TCF Representative Team into their National Seniors Tournament. This will be held on the long weekend (Friday to Monday excluding the Sunday) 1-4 October on the Sunshine Coast. I have tentatively said that we would be interested in this and have made some steps towards us attending.

The meeting this Saturday will be to discuss this exciting opportunity and what it entails for us. I encourage everyone to come along to the meeting to find out about this opportunity.

ADC Wrap Up!

And that’s a wrap for the Toowoomba Community Football All Day Carnival for 2021!!!

This year’s Carnival was held on Saturday 26 June 2021 at Kearneys Spring. Despite Mother Nature doing her best to spoil a great day and providing us all a typical dreary, drizzly, cold Toowoomba winter day, 15 teams competed in what proved to be our biggest and best All Day Carnival ever!

The competition was fierce, the atmosphere was social and jovial, and the buzz around the ground certainly made up for the overcast skies. With thanks to our food / drink suppliers, 2nd Shot, Wilsonton Lions Club and Westridge Fruit and Veg, all players and spectators were kept well fed and caffeinated throughout the day. Most teams took the opportunity to set themselves up and settle in for the day, soaking up the atmosphere. Kids (and those willing adults) chose their character and had their faces painted thanks to Emma. And a special thanks also to Optus Darling Downs for supporting our Carnival. Optus are a great supporter of regional football and it was great to have them along (especially considering they kept many dry with their much-needed Optus ponchos!)

And then there was the football! What a great, competitive day of footballing action it was. Kicking off at 8am, and the final match finishing after 4:30pm, it was a jam-packed day with a total of 37 matches played (which our 4 wonderful referees were kept busy running between all day – thanks guys!). There were over 70 goals scored, just as many great saves, and more than 150 players taking part, representing many church groups, community groups and ethnic groups across our Toowoomba community.
The finals were hotly contested, with 4 out of the 7 finals matches needing a penalty shootout to split the teams. Just goes to show how tight these matches were and how hard each team fought for the win.

After 36 matches, it came down to the African Lions and Humeridge FC progressing to the Grand Final. With over 60 spectators cheering both teams on, the spirit of the Carnival really shone through as both teams battled for the title of TCF All Day Carnival Champions. Quite fittingly, these teams could not be split after regular time and extra time, and a penalty shootout was needed to decide the outcome. And this year, Humeridge FC prevailed to be crowned the TCF All Day Carnival 2021 Champions. Congratulations to Humeridge FC, but also to the African Lions and every other team for competing in what was a fun filled, spirit filled day of 7-a-side football.

And in a final piece of positive news, thanks to the TCF Community, we have together helped raise over $1,600 for the Cancer Council, which is a fantastic result! And, true to his word, given the $500 target was smashed, we all got to enjoy the blinding sight of Coordinator Mark’s multi-coloured hair all day! Thanks to Sophrosyne Hair and Beauty for their amazing support.

A final special thanks to all our wonderful supporters. Optus Darling Downs, 2nd Shot, Wilsonton Lions Club, Westridge Fruit and Veg, Konig’s Biergarten, Meringandan Hotel and Sophrosyne Hair and Beauty. We are so pumped to have you all on board to help us celebrate the awesomeness of community football in Toowoomba.

But most importantly, thanks to you – the players, the spectators, the families, the TCF family – for making this a day to remember!

ADC Pools & Draw

We now have less than 10 days until the TCF All Day Carnival for 2021. The excitement is building!

Firstly, WELCOME to NHFC and Leopards, who are two new teams who have joined us for this year’s Carnival. It is great to have you both on board and we wish all teams an enjoyable, fun filled day of football.

We have now finalised the Carnival Pools and DRAW.

It is important for all team captains to study the draw and check your first match time particularly. Some matches kick off early (8am). Also, please remember that we will require all players to be paid with player forms completed at least 15 minutes prior to the first match, and this is the responsibility of the captain. Please ensure you allow time for this on the day. It will be a busy day, with matches kicking off from 8am sharp, and all games will commence on time due to the jam-packed fixture list.

Also, all clubs that have two (2) teams, we will need a list of which players are playing on which team, and this must also be provided prior to your first match. Players can only play for one team throughout the day.

I also refer you to the Carnival Rules and Format document that was sent last week. This is a very important document for all teams and players to be aware of.

We have a great lineup of food / coffee suppliers, and the Optus Football truck, so don’t forget to invite your family and friends, and set up a gazebo to soak up the atmosphere of the day.

Amended Draw

Due to the consequences of the Incident that occurred last week, an amended Draw is necessary to cover Rounds 11 – 15.

Please find the amended Draw here:

TCF apologises for the changes of game times and lines duty times that have had to occur but hopes that teams and players understand the necessity.

Please note that any games (or byes) marked as “friendly” give all teams playing an automatic 3-0 win.

Incident in Round 10

During Saturday’s game between Earrings and Al Azzawy a violent incident occurred involving players and spectators of both teams.

Toowoomba Community Football strives for a safe and fun environment for all people to play and watch football and much consideration has gone into determining how to respond.

After a meeting between the TCF Leadership and representatives of Earrings and Al Azzawy, the following terms have been implemented:

  • The two teams will not be competing in the All Day Carnival
  • The two teams will be excluded from the normal competition until 31st July
  • The two teams will be stripped of all points and not play for competition points for the remainder of the season, instead simply for the love of the game
  • The two teams will be on a probationary period for the remainder of the season to determine their eligibility for the 2022 season

Both Al Azzawy and Earrings have expressed their apologies to Toowoomba Community Football as well as their understanding that this behaviour is not acceptable and cannot ever happen again.

We look forward to welcoming both teams back onto the field in Round 16.

An amended Draw for the affected time as well as how this will impact the other teams will be released later this afternoon.

ADC Important Info!

We are now just about 2 weeks away from the 2021 TCF All Day Carnival! Excitement is building and the Carnival is coming together really nicely.
Now that we have all the team nominations in for the Carnival, we can start looking ahead to the Carnival Day itself. A special welcome to all those new and returning teams. It is great to have you all on board!

Firstly, a friendly reminder that the Pool Draw will be held tomorrow (Saturday 12 June 2021), at 2:45pm at Kearneys Spring. This is the Draft Draw, which will help all teams understand the general format of the Carnival. This Draw will updated and finalised this Sunday 13 June 2021, following the Pool Draw. This year we have a total of 15 teams, and will have 3 Pools, each with 5 teams each!

The 2021 TCF All Day Carnival Rules and Format is here:

This is an important document, as it provides a lot of information on the format and timing of the day, the specific rules for the Carnival, and how the points / match system will work.

We are also pleased to announce that we have the popular 2nd Shot Coffee Truck returning for the Carnival. 2nd Shot have been a great friend and supporter of TCF over the years and great to have them back. We also have Wilsonton Lions Club on board for the BBQ and cold drinks, and we welcome them to the Carnival for the first time. Here are their menus:

We strongly encourage all teams to support these two great community organisations as they keep everyone well fed and caffeinated throughout the day!

Look forward to seeing you all at the Pool Draw on Saturday, and keep in mind the Carnival Draw will be released this Sunday.

It’s All Coming Together!

The 2021 ADC is on track to be the biggest and the best one ever! Exciting news regarding food to go with the amazing 2nd Shot van we already have will be announced on Friday. Along with something even more fantastic @Yes Optus Darling Downs

Also, don’t forget the Pool Draw at 2:45 Saturday (before the 3pm game). Be there to see it happen in person or watch it Live on the TCF Facebook page!

ADC Pool Draw!

15 teams = 3 pools of 5

Be at the field to see it in person or log into the TCF Facebook page to watch the Teams get drawn and sorted live!