It’s All Coming Together!

The 2021 ADC is on track to be the biggest and the best one ever! Exciting news regarding food to go with the amazing 2nd Shot van we already have will be announced on Friday. Along with something even more fantastic @Yes Optus Darling Downs

Also, don’t forget the Pool Draw at 2:45 Saturday (before the 3pm game). Be there to see it happen in person or watch it Live on the TCF Facebook page!

ADC Pool Draw!

15 teams = 3 pools of 5

Be at the field to see it in person or log into the TCF Facebook page to watch the Teams get drawn and sorted live!

St Vincent de Paul Soccer Stars Program

TCF has been invited to be a part of the St Vincent de Paul Soccer Stars Program. This program is aimed at children between 8 and 11. It is free of charge to the children and designed to provide opportunities for children in the community to have a safe and enjoyable morning in a positive environment where they can fully experience the physical, psychological and social benefits of soccer (football).

The program is looking for volunteers to mentor the children once a fortnight. If this is something that you would like to be involved in, especially the opportunity to give back to the community in the same way that TCF has provided hundreds of people of all walks of life, regardless of gender, age, culture, language and ability, the chance to play and enjoy football, then have a read of the full description of the program and get in contact with those in charge.

15 Teams!

We are pleased to announce that we have now reached our team limit, with a total of 15 teams having now confirmed their team nomination for the day.

There is a great mix of existing TCF Teams, previous TCF teams and new Toowoomba community teams. This is fantastic and will really add to the atmosphere of the day!

Given the interest, and that we have additional teams in a wait list who are keen to be involved, we will be chasing new teams for team fee payment and player fee payment as soon as possible. Reminder that this is only for those teams that are not currently playing in the regular TCF Season. For all teams and players currently playing in the TCF regular season, there is no additional fee. Payment details can be provided to those teams who are required to pay.

Just so you are all aware, we are working on locking in coffee / food for the day, and are also working on some other potentially exciting additions to make the day a great celebration of Toowoomba community football.

Just to remind you all of a few key upcoming dates (you will note the pool draw and release of Carnival Draw have been brought forward a week):

11 June 2021Release of Carnival Rules and Format for ADC
12 June 2021ADC Pool Draw – 2:45pm
(immediately after Pandas / Humeridge match)
12 June 2021Release of Carnival Draw – late afternoon / evening
(worst case draw will be released Sunday 13 June 2021)
23 June 2021Final Information Email to all Registered ADC Teams
26 June 2021TCF 2021 All Day Carnival

ADC Teams are Coming in Fast!

Team registrations for the All Day Carnival may not close for another 3 weeks but already we have 15 teams registered! It’s shaping up to be an amazing day!

Also kicked off already is the TCF Cancer Council Fundraiser. The aim is for at least $500. If that target is reached, then the Coordinator’s hair will be bleached and become mulit-coloured. Seems like he has nothing to worry about yet.

If you have any questions or are interested in putting in a team, get in touch with us ASAP.

TCF Cancer Council Fundraiser

Toowoomba Community Football is not just about Football but also the Community. This year, in conjunction with and culminating with the All Day Carnival, TCF will be raising funds to support the Community.

Cancer is a disease which affects 1 in 2 people, regardless of gender, age or culture either personally or through someone that you know. Because of this, TCF will be raising funds between now and the end of the All Day Carnival on June 26 for the Cancer Council.

To add a little more interest to the fundraiser, reaching or exceeding our target goal of $500 will have a bonus result: the Coordinator has volunteered to have his hair coloured. If this happens, the event will be videoed and uploaded for all to see (as well as everyone seeing the results in the weeks following the All Day Carnival).

You are all challenged to donate – even a few dollars from everyone will ensure that we not only reach but exceed our goal to help the Cancer Council fight this disease through research and providing vital services for Australians living with Cancer.

To donate, click on this link:

Is Your Team In?

All Day Carnival. June 26. 7-a-side, 20min matches.
Teams are already pouring in but there’s still plenty of space left.
Team registrations close June 16.
Get your team registered as soon as possible!

All Teams currently playing in the regular season: FREE
All Players currently registered for the 2021 season: FREE
Teams registering just for the Carnival: $20
Players playing just in the Carnival: $10

All Day Carnival

With the 2021 TCF Season well underway and some great football being played, we can now turn our attention to the upcoming TCF ALL DAY CARNIVAL, to be held on Saturday 26 JUNE 2021.

Unfortunately due to COVID, we were unable to hold a Carnival in 2020, however for those who have been involved in the past, I am sure you will agree it is a fantastic day of 7-a-side football, spirited and competitive and fun for all players and spectators.

The format for this year’s Carnival will be largely the same as in previous years, with a number of pool games, followed by finals matches stretching through the entire day. Matches will be 20 minutes in duration, with multiple matches for each team throughout the day, played on smaller fields with some altered rules to make the games enjoyable.

There will be a coffee and food van for the day, so teams encouraged to set up a gazebo, settle in for the day and enjoy what the day has to offer.

The TCF ALL DAY CARNIVAL will be held on Saturday 26 June 2021, at Kearneys Spring Oval 6, on the corner of Kearney Street and Sorrento Drive.

We are welcoming all teams, current, past and new, to join in on the fun. There is a small fee for any teams or players not currently in the TCF Season, and I can pass on more info for any interested teams. For any team or individual already playing in the TCF 2021 Season, the All Day Carnival is FREE.

For now, it would greatly assist if you could advise whether you will be registering one (1), two (2) or more teams, either by email, through the TCF Facebook page or in person to either Craig from Humeridge or the Coordinator.

This promises to be a great day of community celebration as we come together to kick a football.

Please feel free to spread the word so we can get as many teams as possible registered for the day! If you know of any other football teams or community groups who may be interested, please let us know!

A quick snapshot of the proposed deadlines in the lead up to the Carnival:

16 June 2021Final Date for Team Nominations for ADC
18 June 2021Release of Carnival Rules and Format for ADC
19 June 2021ADC Pool Draw – 2:45pm
(immediately after Wolves / Raiders match
19 June 2021Release of Carnival Draw – late afternoon / evening
(worst case draw will be released Sunday 20 June 2021)
23 June 2021Final Information Email to all Registered ADC Teams
26 June 2021TCF 2021 All Day Carnival

2021 Season Draw!

This season will be played by 7 teams. Each team will play all of the other teams 3 times, making a total of 21 Rounds for the Premiership Season. There will be 3 byes for each team spread throughout the season.
Game times this year are: 11am, 1pm and 3pm.
You will also see on the Draw that there will be an All Day Carnival set for the middle of the season and a Season Celebration on the last round. More details for both events will be released closer to the times.
The Championship Series will be played by the top 4 teams from the Premiership Season in a straight knockout competition. The Sportsmanship Cup to be played by the two teams voted the best and fairest by their peers will also be played on the same day as the Grand Final.

More Teams Needed!

Unexpectedly, 2 teams that were anticipated as playing this year have had to drop out.
That means that we have space for TWO MORE TEAMS.
Team Registration has reopened but MUST CLOSE at 11:59pm on Friday April 2.
If you have any questions or to register, get in contact with us ASAP.